S.T.R HIT-NIT is an importer of fashion and decorative fabrics from all over the world and its rich assortment contains over 1000 different types of fabrics, among which you can find everything from industrial cloth to the finest fashion fabrics.
In addition to dealing with the import and sewing curtains, curtain rods and incorporating different types of mechanisms.


We invite you to visit us and find everything at one place:

  • industrial rags
  • angin (inlet)
  • brocade quilt
  • cvilih mattress
  • Panama (leakril) embroidery
  • Serbian canvas
  • diolen
  • twill
  • roll-up canvas
  • decorative fabric for garden furniture
  • upholstery
  • brocade upholstery
  • draperies
  • curtain
  • lace curtain
  • tape and lead curtain
  • tassel, tassel holders, clips and magnets for curtains and draperies
  • decorative tassels for tablecloths and bedspreads
  • decorative pillows
  • fashion and decorative tulle
  • cotton and polyester damask for stolnajke and bedding
  • posteljinska canvas
  • Crepe and flannel for bedding
  • ready-made bedding
  • tablecloths
  • cotton and polyester canvas
  • buldan
  • kitchen towels (the piece and in the piece)
  • Finished towels and terry covers
  • terry on the meter for bathrobes, towels and blankets
  • polyester (Trevira, crepe satin, spandex, brim brim, satin Lycra, muslin)
  • various seasonal fashion fabrics and knitwear
  • fabrics
  • fashion plush
  • Satin with lycra and without lycra
  • fashion lace
  • set
  • adhesive fabric and many other fashion and furnishing fabrics
  • mechanisms
  • sewing curtains
  • rails


We especially appreciate the suggestions of customers and offer the possibility to purchase fabric of your order!